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About The Heritage Office

The Heritage Office Tower consists of 8 floors of premium office space

The Heritage Office Tower delivers the best space solutions available to meet all of your needs. Our exceptional office space solutions offer the complete package of office space, technology, service, and support allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of the best corporate headquarters while working alongside other talented, like-minded entrepreneurs. Whether you need one office, several, or a shared office, our professional office space solutions give you the control to customize your office package so you only pay for what you need.

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Tabulation of Floor Area

G01, G02, F01 & F02 13,347 [1]
Suite 6-01 (Level 7) 16,641 [2]
Suite 7-01 (Level 8) 16,189 [3]
Suite 8-01 (Level 9) 17,513 [4]
Suite 9-01 (Level 10) 17,513
Suite 10-01 (Level 11) 17,513
Suite 11-01 (Level 12) 17,513
Suite 12-01 (Level 13) 17,513
Suite 13-01 (Level 14) 17,513
Net Area 151,255

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